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Interior Joy

You want a life and a home that reflects who you truly are, in this phase of your life.

You have lived your life serving others and now it is time to reconnect to yourself.  You want to feel calm, in control, supported, excited and secure.

I can help you bring forward your vision for your home and your life. With my background in both Wellness Coaching and Interior Design, I am now bringing both of these services to you. 

It is time to refresh your home and your life!

I believe designing interior spaces that nurture your well-being means you will be able to move through your day healthier, with spaces that enhance relaxation, joy and creativity, and that reduce stress, and restore the soul.  Your brain will simply function better! Your soul will feel calmer. Creating spaces that encourage connections will enhance relationships by facilitating deep, meaningful conversations.


Let me walk along side you during this next season of your life. Creating a life on your own or with someone new.


 With my guidance you will keep achieving and growing. The accountability I provide will allow you to own your outcomes. My coaching is tailored to your individual needs so you can continue with your journey, whatever that may be. 

6 Pillars of Wellbeing

We all know that wellness starts with our bodies. Most of us have learnt that it also includes our mental health.


I have found that often the missing piece of the puzzle is our environment. In fact, I have found that there are 6 pillars of wellbeing.  I use these 6 pillars in both my coaching and my interior design to create a life and home that promotes your wellbeing.


Environmental - your environment should bring you harmony through spaciousness, colour, lighting and nature. 

Physical - nurture your body with movement, nourishment, sleep.  

Emotional - align with your values, find purpose, connection, love and hobbies that bring joy.  

Spiritual - facilitate inner peace through mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, prayer or worship.  

Intellectual - expand your mind through reading and learning, analysis and making your own decisions.  

Social - support connection with friends and family through play, conversation and generosity.


It is time to refresh your home and your life. Let me support you to find your interior joy. 

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