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Love the space you are in!

Your home has a lot of pressure on it to provide a safe haven, but also a place to connect, a place to sleep, to relax, to work, to learn, to shop online, to eat, to meditate, a day spa, a retreat, plus more.

You know what you want in your home, but you are afraid of making mistakes. You worry that it won’t look the way you want. There are so many decisions to make and you want to be able to enjoy this new stage of life.  

Let me guide you through the process to make your home feel lighter, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Our surroundings affect our well-being; our emotional, mental, social and physical well-being.

I believe designing interior spaces that nurture your well-being means you will be able to move through your day healthier. Let's create spaces that enhance relaxation, joy and creativity, that reduce stress, and restore your soul.  Your brain will simply function better!


Your soul will feel calmer. Creating spaces that encourage connections will enhance relationships by facilitating deep, meaningful conversations.


Walk into your home and feel like you have just been basking in the sun on a tropical island.

Interior design that considers your unique well-being needs can reduce stress, aid healing, restore the soul, help you to sleep better, be more relaxed, recharge your batteries, and feel safe and secure. It even has the ability to help heal dis-ease and disease.

You can choose to have a space designed for you or just get my expert advice on your design for an hour, or a day, depending on your budget and time restraints.

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Jump Start Package

Interior Joy is pleased to offer Jump Start Packages.

Collaborate with the principal designer to create a plan and roadmap for your home design vision. This 3-hour package is ideal for clients who seek assistance in clarifying their scope of work before beginning a large design project and would like help strategizing their design goals. It’s also great for clients who need to explore options and get clarity and ideas before going any further themselves independently.

There are a few steps involved in the process. Step 1: Complete the Onboarding Form below, including your preferred dates, and submit it to Interior Joy. Step 2: Receive Interior Joy’s Supportive Wellness Design Questionnaire, complete it, and return it to Interior Joy at least 48 hours before your Jump Start Session. Step 3: Principal Designer meets you at your home. Designer discusses with you about your Supportive Wellness Design Questionnaire answers (if required). Step 4: Tour entire home and talk through all the potential projects. Discuss with the Designer what you like about your home and what you would like to change or improve. Develop a list of furniture, fixtures & equipment requirements. Step 5: Complete anything that can be done for immediate impact, e.g., move a piece of furniture, suggest larger furniture placement or decor edits for the client to undertake independently (if desired). Step 6: Determine and hone focus on the main project(s). Discuss functionality, style, timing, and budget. Review any design documents provided by the client, e.g., Pinterest boards, magazine inspiration, and floor plans. Step 8: We reconvene at the end of the meeting to answer questions you have & ensure you are feeling confident in your next steps on how to move forward. Step 9: If you would like to move forward with a full design package, Interior Joy will send a detailed scope of work and quote within 2 weeks, as well as a proposed project start date.

3-hour consulting packages
starting at $1500


Design a Space

From one room to an entire home, I can help you design any interior space.

Starting again with your new life often means starting again with a new space, but it may have been a long time since you last designed a space and your current home does not reflect who you are now.

I have been there myself and I get it. You know what you like, but you struggle to pull it all together. That's where I can help.

I will curate a one-of-a-kind look that will be a representation of your taste, preferences, and personality. Achieve the look and feel you want, embracing your way of living at home and your joy at entertaining family and friends, making the most of everyday.

Design a space that works for you now and will continue to provide comfort and ease well into the future. 

Price varies based on the space


Design Consultation

This is the perfect option when you are just starting on your design journey or when you are almost there, but there is something that is not quite right. 

You get 60 minutes of me, in your home, with my expert advice on any of your design queries. ​With years of experience, I can offer timely advice on any of your design queries, ensuring you end up with a space that provides joy, comfort and ease. 

Stop putting off that project and get inspired to move forward with your new space.

$500 investment

What our client's are saying:

"I’ve lived in my house for four years now and from the moment I moved in, I struggled to know what to do with one room in particular. I crammed it with oversized furniture and tried to use it as a formal lounge room, but for most of the time, the door remained closed and the room was unused. Debra from Interior Joy encouraged me to really think about how I might use the room in a way which brings enjoyment. After listening to her advice I ended up converting it into a spare room/quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the family room. I feel like I finally have a room which reflects my personality and will bring joy!"

- Mrs Ann Piper

Supportive Wellness Design Method™
Supportive Wellness Design Method Process.png
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You know you need to work on your home, especially now when you entire life has just been turned on its head. Or worse, you got all motivated with your new life and started designing your home only to realise that you skipped the planning phase and now - nothing matches. 

I can help you create a deeply personalised space where everything is cohesive and represents who you really are using my very own Supportive Wellness Design™ method. 

I developed this method as I believe, (and research is showing), that Well-being interior design has the potential to reduce stress and enable contentment. Create a healthier mindset by bringing more joy into your space while reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety and increasing your self-esteem. 

Creativity and ideas will flow with the clearer thinking you will gain from a fresh space. Sleep better and have a greater ability to relax, reducing your blood pressure.


Plus encourage connections, enhance your relationships and reduce loneliness. With this new, healthier mindset, brought about by your well-being designed space, you will feel the affect in all areas of your life, increasing your overall life satisfaction. 

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A Designer’s Guide for a WELL-Designed Home -To Optimise Your Wellbeing.png

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