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Create Interior Joy both in your home and your life!

Hi there! I'm Debra Roberts, Interior Designer, Coach, Well-being Advocate, Health Professional, Mother of 3, Nanna of 2, Happy Wife, and Empty Nester who loves all things design, home and family.

I know what it is like to have to start over. It is such an emotional time. You are searching for peace, often while living in an environment that does not reflect who you are in this phase of your life.   

Your overall health and wellbeing can suffer, causing discomfort, tension and in extreme cases, illness. 

My life as a nurse opened my eyes to how many illnesses and diseases are preventable, leading me to become a Wellness Coach. I help people get ahead of problems that could lead to chronic illness.

We all know that wellness starts with our bodies - what we put into our bodies and how we move. Most of us have learnt that it also includes our mental health - our mindset, being intentional, authentic and vulnerable. 


I found that the missing piece of the puzzle is our environment and how well we are connected to it. Given that we spend around 90% of our time indoors, we want our spaces to feel nourishing, a space to be the best version of ourselves.

Having extra training in health and wellbeing, plus having lived in 33 different homes as an adult, decorating, designing, de-cluttering and moving house is a specialty of mine.

I now create spaces for my clients that finally make them feel like 'this is their home'.


I also provide coaching packages to support women through their life transitions. You want someone to be able to see you for who you really are and to help you build life you want.


I understand what it is like to go through divorce or start again with someone new and I love bringing relief from overwhelm for professional women in this season of their lives.


What our Clients are saying

Thank you for your work.  Your insight has been hugely beneficial.

S Mines

Interior Design

I'll help you pull together your room layouts and selections, WHILE considering your wellbeing needs in the design of your home.

You need a home that restores, vitalises, calms, stimulates, cocoons, energises and creates possibilities for you to reach your greatest potential...a home environment that reduces stress, restores the soul, and that encourages connections with others.

I serve people by creating an environment that is enriching to their wellness, that is part of their wellness journey. I do this by leading people through a 6-point system, to identify their wellness needs, and then use this information as the foundation for Their Interior Design, to enhance their emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and environmental wellbeing.

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You are at a stage of life when you need to reconnect to yourself. Maybe you lost yourself in motherhood or your partner, but now it is time to refresh and reclaim who you are.

I use my skills as a wellness coach as well as my own life experience, plus experience founding and running two businesses, and extensive tertiary education to help you kick goals, overcome barriers and gain more confidence in yourself.

Past clients have said I'm 

"better than a psychologist". I bring my professional expertise to the table as well as my lived experience in going through the same life transitions. 


I will encourage, motivate and keep you accountable, so you can create the life that you want.

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At Interior Joy, we stand for Healthy Homes, Family Wellbeing, and Reaching Potential in an Environment of Ease, Joy and Grace

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