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Free Resources

Life brings with it so many challenges and changes. Sometimes we need to update our homes and sometimes it feels like we need to update ourselves to suit a new era in life. 

I have developed these resources, specifically for you as a woman going through life changes and identity shifts to support you in creating the life and home that represents who you are in this stage. 

A Designer’s Guide for a WELL-Designed Home -To Optimise Your Wellbeing.png

This handy guide will show you:

  • 10 vital elements for your project planning stage

  • 5 keys for your remodel design to boost your health & well-being

  • A step by step process to cover them all

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It's time for you! (1).png

This workbook is designed to rediscover yourself and reclaim your life. It takes you through my 6 pillars of wellbeing and gives you small, actionable steps to take to enhance your wellbeing and your joy.

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Interior Joy was set up by Principal Interior Designer, Debra Roberts, with a vision to create interiors that first and foremost created an environment for the occupants to thrive, for their health and well-being to blossom, for them to feel like their home was truly "home" and reflected them, and that facilitated them to live in a way that enhanced their sense of well-being.

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