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Love the life you live!

You have just gone through a major life change and now it is time to reconnect to you.

When it comes to reflecting on your life, you have accomplished some wonderful things. You have lived a life full of varied life experiences, some of them tough, but most of it was for other people. It is time to design a life that reflects you.

You know what you should be doing to look after your health and you often know how to do it, BUT very real barriers get in the way of you achieving your goals. A wellness coach discovers what the barriers are, and together with you, addresses these barriers in a customised action plan perfect for you and your circumstances.

Much like our surroundings, the enjoyment of our life can be defined by 6 areas. The key to your well-being is to live a more balanced life. One that you love and that brings you joy. 

In my coaching, I work with you to create the life that YOU have always wanted.


Together, we work on the areas of life most relevant to you. You are actively involved in the creation of your personalised action plan. We set goals and I keep you accountable for what matters most to you. 

Most importantly, I will help you discover what is stopping you from moving forward, and together I will help you overcome these pesky obstacles. At YOUR pace.

Are you ready to make positive health and lifestyle changes?

Let's work together to make small changes that flow on to gradual, but motivating success.


1:1 Well-being Coaching

3-month package

This 3 month package is the perfect option for you if you want to:

  • increase your productivity

  • be held accountable to your goals

  • reduce your stress levels and get back from the brink of burnout

  • tame your overwhelm, feel more ease

  • better manage, or better yet, prevent, ongoing health issues

  • refresh and reclaim your life!

 The package consists of 12 online sessions made up of:

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions

  • plus 6 x 20 minute sessions.

To be used at your own pace within a 3 month period to assist your momentum. 

$1,200 investment

1:1 Well-being Coaching

6-month package

Extending the benefits of the three month package over a six month period to further enhance your life. 

It is the ultimate package to reclaim your life. 

6 months 1:1 online intensive well-being focussed coaching.

The package consists of 24 online sessions made up of:

  • 12 x 1 hour sessions

  • plus 12 x 20 minute sessions.


This is the perfect option for women in a life transition such as  divorce, loss of a loved one, single again, married again, or other big changes. Learn how to make the lifestyle changes that will help you transform your life. Feel supported. Get unstuck. Start thriving again and feel more well, more you.

Be kept accountable to your goals and gain the motivation you need to keep going.


$2,200 investment


1:1 Well-being Coaching

Single Session

Feel like you just need a quick boost to your momentum?

This may be the perfect option for you to increase your productivity and get you moving forward.

One session with me to work through any current issues. Great for you if you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, stressed, or overwhelmed and you feel all you need is some help to get moving again, or to get some clarity around the next steps.

$300 investment

What our client's are saying:

"Debra has been my coach and mentor since August 2021 in that time, she has helped me shape the way I think about my business tasks and personal health and wellbeing and my outlook on life, I feel relaxed and ready to get on with my business & creative tasks each day and week, before I meet Debra I felt stuck in my business wasn’t sure the direction, or if was going to continue to run my business or go back into my corporate job, I am so glad I engaged Debra to do some mentor work with me, I now have been able to build my business with confidence to take on more work, and have landed a new clients from working and achieving with Debra, just having her there to brush ideas off, Debra is patient, focused, helps with achieving, and makes being a mentee fun which is what I love, would highly recommend Debra as coach or mentor. "

- T.C Sept'22

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