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Have you been Miss Beige?

Reminds me of the Robbie Williams song, “Have You Met Miss Jones, haha.”

Some women who are going through a life transition such as divorce, loss of a partner, an empty nest, or starting over again feel it’s time they reinvent themselves in some way. They may have fallen into a bit of a rut, or a pattern they now want to change. Other women are ready to express themselves, but don’t feel bold enough to step into who they might be. It’s common to have lost a lot of confidence along the way. I know I did. It is a common phenomenon for women to lose themselves. We are naturally givers and carers and can find we have neglected to look after ourselves along the way and have left part of our identity behind.

One divorced, single client of mine told me she “has been Miss Beige” when I asked her how daring she was. Those were her actual words how she described herself. But she was ready and determined to step into who she authentically felt she was. Proof of this was her fun selection of a new sparkling, silver, splashback that was anything but Miss Beige!

I love colour. I find many clients have been afraid to use colour in their interiors in the past, and feel it is safer to stick with neutrals or white. Yes, it is safer. But what if you had someone to help to incorporate a bit more colour into your interiors, in a way that you loved, how would that feel?

What are your favourite colours, and what colours repel you? Sometimes, if you have or have had a partner, they differ in their colour preferences. One might like more colour and the other prefers not.

Women can sometimes tone down what they want along the way, in order to keep the peace or keep everyone else happy. Some women have lost their voice along the way. I find some women, when starting over again, are feeling a bit braver, or released to follow their desires, and are keen to explore colour, with guidance. But they may feel a little worried about doing it. And sadly, many have forgotten how to dream.

Have you forgotten how to dream? Here’s an activity you may like to do:

· Start collecting pictures of rooms you love or homewares you love. From magazines, print out from online sources, or from catalogues, brochures, or flyers.

· Scrapbook, glue them onto a piece of poster sized cardboard from the newsagent, and make a poster, or collect them electronically and file them into an electronic folder. I do find cutting pictures out of magazines and gluing them on cardboard or pinning them to a corkboard really therapeutic. It’s a mindful activity that you can really lose yourself in. And you can add to it over time and watch it evolve.

· Prop it up in your home office or a room at home you visit regularly to keep it top of mind.

Here are 5 Tips to Add a Little Colour at Home:

1. Paint is such a lovely way to introduce some colour into your home. It is quite inexpensive and remember, you can paint over it if you really don’t like it!

2. You can also introduce a bit more colour into your home by adding a few beautiful cushions to your living room sofa, or onto your bed.

3. A soft throw rug can also add an easy colour splash, draped on your sofa, armchair or bed.

4. Artworks are also a lovely way to introduce colour.

5. And don’t forget to add a few plants to infuse some gorgeous green into your home. I always think adding a plant to a room, or a bunch or flowers or greenery from your garden, adds so much and really lifts a room. I love to go outside and cut long stems of greenery and put them into a large vase and place it in my dining room or kitchen area. Give it a try!

So, are you happy as Miss Beige? If so, fabulous. Neutral interiors can look incredible. If you are not so happy, and are ready for a change, discover how you’d like to express yourself and see if you can find the courage to step into it. Perhaps start with cushions, paint, or a soft throw rug. And start collecting inspirational images you love!

Debra X

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