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Create a Cosy Home for Winter

With the cooler weather fast approaching, it is time to create some cosiness in your home. A few small changes will have you enjoying the extra time spent indoors.

Add some throws

Throws are a great way to add some comfort to your home. They add a cosy feel to your living spaces and can be very practical for those cooler nights. When not in use, they can be draped over the lounge to add some colour and warmth.

Swap your Cushions

This is a great, low-cost option to refresh your space. Cushions add texture to a cosy home and replacing them as the season changes can bring a new, fresh look to the areas of your home that you use the most. You can keep your current cushions stored away for the Summer for a quick refresh at the next change of season.

Floor Coverings

Rugs add another level of warmth and texture to the home. Plush rugs are perfect for that nice, cosy feel. You can find rugs in many varieties, perfect for all budgets. Give your home that feeling of comfort from the feet up.


As the days get shorter, lighting in your home becomes more pertinent. Create a soft, warm glow in your home by adding lamps. They provide a great alternative to the often harsh overhead lighting.

Bonus Tip: Hobbies

As we spend more time indoors, it is natural to spend more time on our hobbies. Make sure you have the space in your home for your favourite activities. Do you need to create space for the books you are reading? Do you need room for sewing or craft? Do you often take up the whole dining table with your puzzles? Whatever you enjoy doing, make a dedicated and beautiful space for it.

With these small changes, you can create a cosy home for winter.

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