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Building a Healthier Home

Enhancing you health could be found by making some simple swaps around your home.

We know that we spend the majority of our time in our homes and that our environment can affect both our mental and physical health, but we often don't realise the extent that making some healthy changes around the home could help improve our wellbeing.

I have been buying healthy, natural, eco and organic products for the home for many, many years now and have been fascinated to watch the growth of the wellness industry over the past 15 years or so. I had the privilege of walking beside a family member during a long cancer challenge and it was through that experience in 2009-2016 that I researched and learnt a lot about ways to live healthier at home and heal or prevent disease. My firsthand experiences working as a former Registered Nurse in many different settings showed me that our lifestyles often need to be improved, and did you know 60-70% of chronic disease is preventable?

I remember when I very first discovered that many of my consumer choices where not the best for me or the environment, I felt quite overwhelmed! I thought I was healthy but learnt there was a lot of product choices I could change to enhance the health of me and my family and do my bit to protect our beautiful planet. There was SO much change I wanted to make, but it all felt like A LOT and I didn't know where to start!

I believe that no matter where on the continuum of change we are at, it's okay to start wherever we are at with just one new product. It might be swap your laundry detergent to one that minimises landfill and is safer for your skin and health. It might be selecting your new bedding from products that are made from all natural materials. It might be selecting new flooring or a rug that is made from natural sisal and wool to prevent off gassing (VOC’s) into your home. I am learning there is always something new to discover and adopt if it fits my values.

I have recently chosen a beautiful natural sisal flooring material and had it installed in 4 rooms in my own home.

As an Interior Designer with a Wellbeing focus, I love to specify materials that are healthier for you and your family. I encourage my clients to think about more sustainable and low-toxic options when re-decorating. It really can make a huge difference.

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