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Architects & designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals..

Do you agree?

For many years I have had an interest in and passion for promoting a holistic approach to health and the link between people’s health and wellbeing and their home environment. I have been exploring this topic more closely over recent weeks and have found that there is a lot of evidence that demonstrates good design can have a positive impact on our health. This principle in the design literature is known as Design Harmony and incorporates multiple facets of design including chromatherapy, neuroaesthetics, and biophilic design which is a design technique that strives to increase homeowner connectivity to the natural world through the incorporation of the elements of nature and using natural materials and imagery to help bring the benefits of nature inside the home. And medical professionals are becoming more aware of the benefits of good design and it’s ability to prevent poor health through lowering of stress. Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of Texas stated that ‘architects and designers have a greater ability to improve public health than medical professionals’ ( When I connect with a new client I always consider how you would like to benefit not just practically but also physically and emotionally when creating a new space in your home. Questions that I may ask you and things you may want to give some thought to as you look around your home: - Who or what inspires you? - What is important to you when creating a harmonious space? - What helps you to relax inside your home? If you’d like to know more about how you can incorporate more harmony within your home, click below to book a Design Discovery Call. I look forward to meeting you then and hearing about your project needs.

Fun Fact: This is a gorgeous botanical fabric example of one of the many ways of incorporating biophilic design elements into your home. Adding curtains, cushions or wallpaper in a botanical design brings nature into your home spaces. I actually purchased a piece of this fabric in London a few years ago and made a cushion cover with it. My cushion always brings joy wherever I place it in my home. Image: Bluebellgray

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