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Top 3 things that overwhelm people considering a home refresh

There may be many things that may be putting you off from renovating your home but I want to reassure you that while these concerns are valid they are also manageable.

Do any of these resonate with you?

1. Too many decisions to make

At the start of the renovation journey there are so many decisions to make. Firstly where do you even start? Who is the first point of contact once you’ve decided to go ahead with a renovation? An architect? A trades-person? A hardware store? An interior designer? The bank? And then who do you decide to go with once you’ve worked out where to start? Which builder would be better suited to your project? Who is going to deliver the results you desire? And then there are styling choices, colour of paint, light fittings, floor boards, tap fittings. Aaahhh – very overwhelming.

2. Worried about making the wrong choices

Secondly, how do you know if you’ve made the right choice out of all the possible options available? Budget may help you to make some decisions easier but when it comes down to colour schemes and small detail decisions – it can be difficult to know which decision is best. And mistakes can be costly, both financially and time-wise. This is another factor that may contribute to feelings of overwhelm and stress.

3. Unsure what to keep and what to replace

The third concern I often hear from clients is how to decide what items should be kept and what needs to be replaced. Some sentimental items are easy to know to keep but what if you’ve blended two sets of furniture and now need to decide whose dresser should be kept. These are not necessarily easy decisions to make. Or what if one partner loves their favourite piece of art but it doesn’t fit with the new colour profile of the new renovation?

Finally, people are often unsure how to pull all of these multiple elements together to create a look and feel they love...

...It can be difficult to envision the final product (a home that nourishes, supports and inspires) when all of these overwhelming obstacles are clouding the finish line. But I can assure you that the life and home you desire is within reach. If any of these concerns are currently weighing on your mind, be reassured as I have developed a thorough process that will address your design, budget and decision-making concerns. A recent client shared with me how relieved she felt after our initial consult meeting, saying that she felt a weight had lifted knowing that she had an experienced collaborator who she could share the decision-making process with. So if you are hesitant to begin your renovation journey, know that you don't have to do it alone. Yes renovations can be stressful but they certainly don't need to be impossible. Heather found the experience of having a guide for the process took a weight off her shoulders...

Thank you Heather McIntyre for the pleasure of designing your living room interiors, and an amazing Google review: "I would thoroughly recommend Debra Roberts from Interior Joy. I moved into a newly built townhouse and as the living space was not quite as large as I hoped I was unsure how to set up the floor plan. There were a few things to negotiate (stairs, balcony, where to put the TV etc). Debra spent some time with me delving into what my likes and dislikes were, what the space should represent and many other intuitive questions, followed by some measuring up and photo taking. When I saw Debra next she had created the most beautiful mood boards. I was quite overwhelmed. Her ideas captured what I loved completely, even though before I saw them I was unsure what that would be. She incorporated several items which I wanted to keep, and then added to them with choices I would never have thought of. The result is stunning. Everyone that comes over loves it and can see a lovely, themed living area that looks like a magazine. I am thrilled."

Image courtesy of Uplift

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