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Spare room not being used much?

Consider re-purposing it.

A mini project to work on can be a great distraction and give a sense of satisfaction and joy.

It could be: a study, a hobby room, a guest room, a play room, a sewing room, a sitting room, a reading room or library, a movie room, an art studio, a craft room or a computer room.

1) Think about how you want the space to feel. What words describe it? Do you have a style in mind, a look you love? How do you want to feel in the space? List the purposes and functions of the room, such as, “a place to do quiet activities, read, listen to music, and have an afternoon siesta”. Consider who will use the room too.

2) Collect images from internet of rooms you like. Google images such as “spare room ideas” “craft room” “guest room” “home office”. Try Pinterest or Instagram for inspirational images.

3) Decide what you already have that will be suitable and if any new pieces are needed. Consider items such as large furniture, rugs, side tables, lamps, art, accent/occasional chairs, light fittings, window treatments.

4) Do you need to paint the room to give it a fresh look? What might the colour scheme be?

5) Write the best order to do things. For example, don’t paint before electrician comes to install wiring for new wall lights. Take a BEFORE photo of the room.

6) Empty out the room of current furniture and possessions to start with an empty canvas. Start your room makeover and relish the process of creating a new space to enjoy!

7) Take an AFTER photo. I’d love to see your pics so send me a peek.

Need help? I'd love to help you, just get in touch and let's chat...send me a message on 0417407438 and I will be back in touch soon.

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