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Some EmptyNester’s Desires. What Are Yours?

I love to work with empty nesters and I’ll tell you why.

They have some of the pieces of their dream for their new phase of life, the third phase, but often need help to pull it all together. They have a sense that they are wanting to create the perfect place for them to enjoy life without the daily responsibilities of children, to rekindle their hobbies and interests or start new ones. They have a sense of freedom and excitement about a fresh beginning. They are creating a home that will facilitate extended family gatherings, connections with friends, and build happy memories. A place they can develop themselves, stretch their minds, and is a launching pad for new adventures. A comfortable home base from which to further explore the world and return to between adventures. It is time for them.

Some recent market research I did discovered a few things about empty nesters. Do any of these resonate with you, or someone you know?

“As an empty nester myself, I was finally able to take the slip covers off my furniture! So, I now need less "childproof" furniture and carpets. Also, those empty bedrooms need a new paint job and re-purpose.”

“We have a grandchild on the way and want our home to be ready.”

“We have visitor's coming home and we want the home spruced up and welcome. “

“Our child is getting married and they are meeting the in-laws and want to make a good impression.”

“I have joined a women's group and want to get the home (especially the sitting room aka par

lour) spruced up to host morning tea.”

“He finally has space to covert a room into the study he always wanted with bookshelves to house all the books he has tucked away in the garage and random places.”

“We now have the space and time to think about showing off our art collection, our wine collection, and the artifacts from our trips.”

“My dad is currently an empty nester and he is in urgent need of repainting his entire house.”

“My in laws are empty nesters and repainted their house 2 years ago. They also have grandkids and find they have to have a nursery room.”

“My in laws love gardening and have recently made new friends and they have pretty old outdoor furniture that could be refreshed for entertaining.”

“We want to install a mega fish tank as a feature in our living room!”

Many empty nesters say they want to make the most of the years they have before their health declines, and are wanting to stay “young” as long as they can, and are willing to do what it takes to stay young and healthy. Some have watched a loved one’s demise or missing out on enjoying the third phase of life and are adamant they will live life without regret.

Some have a desire to move towards a healthier lifestyle to maintain their health and vigor.

They are interested in acquiring more knowledge about wellbeing and healthy living. They are interested in healthy lifestyle, preventing disease, promoting healthy lifestyle, aging well and on purpose proactively.

Many are interested in gardening, travel (soon we hope) and cultural events, such as galleries, shows, theatre, concerts and films. Some are interested in healthier eating habits. (I love an organic, healthy, wholefood plant-based diet myself). Some are maintaining a healthy mental health status proactively and embrace healthy relationship choices.

EmptyNesters Challenges and Problems can be:

· Chaos

· Lack of proper storage

· Clutter

· Room or house layouts that are not working or are causing problems and arguments or headach

es or conflict or STRESS.

· A need to change some of the rooms’ usages or to change the layout of the home.

· A need to rearrange how the house functions and looks.

· New everything! New furniture, a new style, a new look, a new design, new window treatments/ curtains, new carpets, a new colour scheme!

Benefits of working with an interior designer who values a client's well being needs can be:

· Room function, layout and space design that makes human daily life just work better

· A calm home

· Many health and wellbeing benefits, such as reduced stress, reduced blood pressure, sleeping better, less lonely, feeling more contentment, and so many more

· A home that suits their new stage of life without kids at home

· Finally have the money to spend on nice stuff! Quality furniture. Best appliances.

· A home to live in for the next 10-20 years or more, so invest in quality furnishings, fittings and equipment

As a designer, my deep passion for proactively living to thrive and enjoying a feeling of wellbeing underpins my designs.

There is a common question I ask myself in all my projects and that is how can I enhance the human experience in this space and create a vessel to thrive? I am energised by turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan but must also create rooms that function with layouts and space design that make daily human life just work better and… create calm.

Human wellbeing needs are always the foundation of my designs.

I design home remodels for professional empty nesters that are ready to invest:

· in themselves

· in their wellbeing needs

· in quality spaces and some new furnishings

The spaces I design enable them to thrive and embrace their new stage of life.

As an interior designer I love working with clients who desire a health-giving home, a home that ameliorates their wellbeing, a sense of place that enables their potential in their relationships, their health, their connections, their sleep, their play, their work, their hobbies, their spiritual self, all facets of who there are or are aspiring to be. Clients who desire rooms and spaces that are well used, that have a clear purpose or purposes and that facilitate their life and help them to thrive.

My design philosophy is to imbed my client’s wellbeing needs as the foundation of their design. It is vital to imbed their own personal values as the foundation of their home interiors design. I will go to great lengths to understand what needs to be included in the design to further increase my client’s wellbeing. I prioritise client values and wellbeing when designing their private spaces.

I would love to discuss your next project with you. I offer a free Discovery Call to see if I can help you. Book your call by going to my website contact page:

I look forward to chatting with you,


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