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Privacy Tips to Enhance Your Wellbeing in Your Home

Lacking privacy out your window?

Want to create a more pleasing aspect to look at from inside your home, or block an ugly view?

Here are a few ideas that may suit your situation:

1) Install a ready-made timber screen from Bunnings or another store.

2) Build a basic pergola frame and plant a climbing vine to hide the view.

3) Plant a row of fast-growing shrubs, such as LillyPilly.

4) Set up an outdoor tiered shelving unit and arrange potted plants along each shelf.

5) Install sheer curtains or a sheer blind. Let the light in and block an ugly view.

6) Install a decorative laser-cut screen.

If you would like me to help with your project, I'd be happy to have an initial chat to discuss your particular requirements. Message or call me, Debra Roberts 0417407438 and I will be in touch shortly.

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