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Our Top 10 Bathroom Design Tips from my chat with 3 other Interior Designers

1. Ensure you select non-slip floor tiles

2. Keep plumbing in the same place if your budget cannot stretch to a re-arrange

3. Ensure you include adequate storage in the shower, by the bath and in or near the vanity

4. Consider installing underfloor heating, heated towel rails, room heating

5. Select lighting that is rated as safe for bathrooms and wet/steamy areas

6. Choose a wall mounted sink for small rooms

7. Stick with one main colour if you want the room to look bigger, and add interest with tile texture

8. Boxing in a cistern looks neat and provides a shelf above

9. Find a great tiler/bathroom fitter as they know how the tiles should be laid, the grid and cut in the best layout

10. Be extremely specific about the size of grout lines, and finishes

Bonus Tip: Ensure very good ventilation! It helps to prevent mouldy surfaces, wet and slippery floors and chronically damp towels

Renovating bathrooms and en-suites can cause costly mistakes if all the vital elements are not considered. Its a space we all use multiple times a day. It's the place we prepare ourselves ready to face the outside world and other people. It's the place we can use to rest, rejuvenate and take time out. It can be our own spa retreat space. Spend time carefully considering how you might like your bathroom to serve you and what you might like it to provide for you. Dream a little. This little room (or large in some homes) can be an absolute delight to spend time in. A private sanctuary.

Let's face it, we use this space to make ourselves clean and groom our "bodies & bits" to feel more confident to step out into our various roles!

It is a room used for intimate tasks, so detailed design is key to it being an outstanding success.

Thank you fabulous colleagues Jill, Danielle, and Tasha for your top bathroom tips contributions X


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