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3 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Well-being in Your Home

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Your surroundings affect your well-being; your emotional, mental, social and physical well-being. You are most likely looking for your home to provide space for restoration from your busy daily life. Nowadays, your home has a lot of pressure on it to provide many things for you and everyone else who lives there; a day spa, a retreat, an office, a place to connect, a place to sleep, to relax, to learn, to shop online, to eat, to meditate, plus more. I believe by designing spaces that nurture your well-being, you will be able to move through your day feeling healthier.

Why not create spaces that enhance relaxation, joy and creativity, and reduce stress, and restore the soul? Create spaces that encourage connections and enhance relationships.

1) Create a special spot to sit and read a book or magazine. Pop a lamp on a table next to a comfy chair, or use a standard lamp positioned to shine over your left shoulder. Ensure you have space on your side table for a cuppa. Position your chair in a corner next to a window if you want to enjoy the natural light.

2) Create a vignette display on a table top, a shelf or a coffee table. This is a little display of objects that look gorgeous together. It might be a small vase of fresh flowers, a piece of driftwood and a fern in a cute basket, or perhaps a framed photo, a cute little ceramic bowl and a candle. Stick with odd numbers of items, say 3 or 5.

3) De-clutter the surface of a bench top, coffee table or sideboard. Keep it nice and clear each day. Enjoy a colourful bowl of fresh fruit in place of the clutter. Keep it topped up with fresh produce.

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