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Struggling to pull it all together?

​Are you looking for a fresh home interior?

Is it important to consider your wellbeing in your lifestyle decisions?

And in your busy daily life, do you value investing in yourself and your family?

What if your home was designed to help nurture you with quality spaces and some new furnishings?

Interior Design based on your wellbeing needs

Hi there! I'm Debra Roberts, Interior Designer, Well-being Advocate, Health Professional, Mother of 3, Nanna of 2, Happy Wife, and Empty Nester who loves all things design, home and family.

I was a Nurse... and what I saw in nursing is that 60% - 80% of patients that I worked with had preventable diseases. That led me to becoming a Wellness Coach, so instead of treating the illness I could prevent the illness and I could save people from years of chronic illness. I could save people from that by way of getting ahead of the problem. What I found as a Wellness Coach, there are (3) things that a human being needs to have to be well: Body, Mind, Environment.

What I know about the Body, is the importance of putting into your body the things that are going to make you well. That means, drinking the right things, eating the right things, and moving your body daily.

The second thing is your Mind. I know the importance of doing meditative things. I know the importance of doing intentional things with our mindset and learning how to be authentic and vulnerable with our emotions.

The third thing is your Environment. This third piece of wellness is how well you are connected to your environment. Connected to your environment means that it is nourishing. It also means that it is clean, and what I mean by clean is we don’t use paints with VOC’s, we don’t use fabrics that off gas, we don’t use adhesives, we only use products that are serving your better wellbeing.


Your home interior design is an important element of your environment because we spend around 90% of our time indoors. You need a home that restores, vitalises, calms, stimulates, cocoons, energises and creates possibilities for you to reach your greatest potential...a home environment that reduces stress, restores the soul, and that encourages connections with others.

That third piece, the Environment, is where I live, that’s where my heart is calling me to serve. So now what I do is serve people by creating an environment that is enriching to their wellness, that is part of their wellness journey. I do this by leading people through a 5-point system, to identify their wellness needs, and then use this information as the foundation for Their Interior Design, to enhance their emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and social wellbeing.

If you value these things too, get in touch, I'd love to meet you and have a chat about your project.



What our client's are saying:

"Debra has been a wonderful source of inspiration for my home. When I was feeling lost for where to start she listened to my own half-formed ideas and showed me how to knit them together into something that is cohesive, practical, and brings my vision to life. She is both professional and super approachable, and has a keen eye for designing a space that is easy to live in as well as being beautiful. I'm so happy with the ideas I have implemented so far and can't wait to see the final product!

Mrs Amy Iannellla

Signature Service

My Signature Service is to create an interior with a focus on your health and wellbeing needs.

I strongly believe your home environment should enhance your wellbeing.

This service is for you if:

  • You want to thrive in a home that facilitates deep connections with others and within yourself

  • You want to live your best life

  • You want to invest in yourself and your wellbeing needs as they relate to your home environment

  • You need functional home layouts for your lifestyle

  • You value quality spaces and would like some new furnishings


Thank you for your work.  Your insight has been hugely beneficial.

S. Mines

Interior Designer - Debra Roberts

"Extensive past experience as a Health Professional, a Registered Nurse and a Health and Well-Being Adviser, combined with a trained Interior Designer's eye enables me to improve the aesthetic, social and functional standard of your home's interiors while fundamentally considering your well-being in the whole process."

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